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This is a nurturing environment where children, staff, parents and governors know each other and share a common understanding of the School’s purpose – to ‘aim high’ and through shared understanding of Gospel values, ensure that the potential of every child is fully achieved. Our children are happy, sociable, well-behaved and value our diversity, which enriches everything we do. We are recognised as ‘outstanding’ by the local authority and are confident this will be endorsed at our next Ofsted inspection.

Friday, 23 June 2017

An Informative Police Visit

As part of the transition to senior school, two local Police Officers came in on Friday, 23rd June, to discuss how Year 6 can keep themselves safe and be aware of danger. Rob and Sam are part of  the Metropolitan Police Safer Communities group. 

The aim was to make our pupils safer by discussing different situations they make find themselves faced with; as they grow older. They were given different scenarios and asked to find a solution to each separate situation. This was in order to avoid being bullied or targeted by gangs and unintentionally becoming involved in crime.

The three groups were given three sheets with the same scenario but with different questions.
The questions were based around: drugs,knife crime and bullying( both physical and cyber).  The pupils were allowed to ask questions to clarify any doubts about drug crime and also the punishment for such crimes.

Year 6 learnt that drugs are classed into sections such as Class A ( including heroin) and Class B drugs ( including cannabis). If you are caught with illegal drugs you could be imprisoned for up to 7 years. Supplying drugs carries a sentence up to life sentence.

This was an informative visit in which the pupil;s learnt many facts before they start their journey into secondary education. We would like to thank the two officers for the invaluable workshop.