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This is a nurturing environment where children, staff, parents and governors know each other and share a common understanding of the School’s purpose – to ‘aim high’ and through shared understanding of Gospel values, ensure that the potential of every child is fully achieved. Our children are happy, sociable, well-behaved and value our diversity, which enriches everything we do. We are recognised as ‘outstanding’ by the local authority and are confident this will be endorsed at our next Ofsted inspection.

Friday, 31 March 2017

Art Day

Good painting is nothing else but a copy of the perfections of God and a reminder of His painting. [Michelangelo]
St. Mary Magdalen’s have spent the week celebrating art from around the world.  Each class was responsible for exploring artwork from a particular continent and then we shared these at our Whole School Art Assembly.

We had artwork from India, Spain, Antarctica, North America, Australia, South America and Africa.

Our Reception children took their influence from the famous Spanish artist, Pablo Picasso. They developed their own one line drawing.
The Year 1 children enjoyed celebrating Art Day. They learnt about how people in India use art in their cultural festivities.  They used layering techniques to create their own Indian inspired handprints.
The Year 2 children looked at the vast landscape that makes up the coldest continent, Antarctica.
The Year 3 children explored artwork from the Aboriginal Australians.  Did you know that the Aboriginal people used dreamtime stories as a way to communicate?
Year 4 children learnt about the famous South American Mayan calendar.  This gave the Year 4 children an opportunity to link their Maths and Art skills.
Year 5 children studied the three main features used in North American artwork. These include the use of bold colours, repeated patterns and lines of symmetry.

Year 6 children explored the colours and contracts in different African life quilts. They were able to produce their own stunning representation of what life might be like for children in Africa.
Children were taught many art skills which they will hopefully use now and in the future. It was a great opportunity to show our children how we can use art as a way of communicating.  The Arts are so important to our topic, Our World, as art is the common language used to communicate throughout the world.
Well done children, you are all great artists!
Miss Clarke