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This is a nurturing environment where children, staff, parents and governors know each other and share a common understanding of the School’s purpose – to ‘aim high’ and through shared understanding of Gospel values, ensure that the potential of every child is fully achieved. Our children are happy, sociable, well-behaved and value our diversity, which enriches everything we do. We are recognised as ‘outstanding’ by the local authority and are confident this will be endorsed at our next Ofsted inspection.

Monday, 28 September 2015

The World's Largest Lesson

In our assembly this morning, children learnt about the 'Global Goals for Sustainable Development' which hope to achieve three extraordinary things by 2030 - to end extreme poverty, fight inequality and injustice and fix climate change. If every school in the world teaches children about these goals, we will help our children become the generation that changed the world.
The children learnt that by focusing on these issues now, the world would be a much safer place for their generation.
Last Friday, Pope Francis addressed 193 world leaders at the United Nations, the first time a Pope had done this (see photo).  Pope Francis said that ending extreme poverty, fighting inequality and injustice and fixing climate change were also the priorities of the Catholic Church.
Since the beginning of this term our children have been learning about their rights and UNICEF's Charter on 'The Rights of the Child'.   These rights form the basis of our behaviour policy at St.Mary Magdalen's and determine the way we all behave to one another here.
Today’s assembly looked at Charter item 29 - ‘Take care of our Earth, the flowers, the trees, the rivers, the seas.  Teach us how to care for them in our turn’.   This is a noble cause and one which cannot be ignored.  As Pope Francis says to all of us "The poorest are those who suffer most from such offences, for three serious reasons: they are cast off by society, forced to live off what is discarded and suffer unjustly from the abuse of the environment".
Our children have already started to fulfil the wishes of Pope Francis in their ‘learning’ today.
Graeme McGlasson-West
Head Teacher