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This is a nurturing environment where children, staff, parents and governors know each other and share a common understanding of the School’s purpose – to ‘aim high’ and through shared understanding of Gospel values, ensure that the potential of every child is fully achieved. Our children are happy, sociable, well-behaved and value our diversity, which enriches everything we do. We are recognised as ‘outstanding’ by the local authority and are confident this will be endorsed at our next Ofsted inspection.

Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Year 2's Young Ornithologists Go Wild!

On Tuesday 7 October Year 2 excitedly boarded their coach with Mr Rimell, Mrs Sheppard and Miss Mahony to go to Horton Kirby, in Kent.  They were going to learn all about different types of birds, but especially robins.

When they first arrived, they saw some birds up close - but sadly they were no longer alive, as they had been stuffed!  However the children found them fascinating.
After that, the children were given a pair of binoculars each and they set off for a bird-watching expedition.  Despite the children hearing lots of birdsong, the birds themselves proved elusive!  Still, there were a couple of sightings, and the children could hear what the birds sounded like.  They then went foraging amongst the grass to see what kind of food the birds like to eat – lots of spiders and mini-beasts, it would seem!
The last activity for the day was collecting brown leaves.  These leaves were then transformed into ‘rocking robins’ using glue and a paper plate.  The the children took their creations back to school, and these are now proudly flying above the topic area in the classroom!  All-in-all it was a great day out in the country, if a tiring one, but the children enjoyed themselves and will remember it for some time to come.